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The MPT is Thrilled About Design-Build Trend
Posted August 21st, 2016
Perfect timing for this article as many established neighborhoods in the Triangle are seeing desperately needed renovations happening to older homes. With design-build, owners are going to get a better designed and more aesthetically pleasing home – which helps everybody now and for posterity.
The MPT is soon going to embark on our own
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Triangle MLS Market Update Q2 2016 – Will the presidential campaign affect sales?
Posted August 21st, 2016

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Triangle MLS Market Updates
Posted April 19th, 2016

Every month the Triangle Multiple Listing Service (TMLS) publishes “Market Trends” reports. These monthly reports include the following: number of new listings, number of closed sales, median sales price, average sales price, average days on market until sale, total dollar volume, percent of original list price received at sale, and inventory of homes for
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Downtown Cary Growing Pains!
Posted April 12th, 2016

Change is never easy but change is inevitable. An old friend once told me that there is only one true constant and that is change. I believe she hit the nail on the head. In my 36 years of living in Raleigh, Wendell, and Cary I have certainly seen, first hand, tremendous change. From a
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You’ve Come a Long Way, Wendell
Posted September 3rd, 2015
Recently our office had a terrific time touring Wendell’s new development, Wendell Falls, recently. Wendell Falls is just beyond Knightdale and such a quick trip from Raleigh with the 264 bypass. I think we were all stunned by the enormous and modern community center that greeted us as we meandered through the development’s entrance, not Read More
Build-A-(Mini) Farm by Erin Hilbrands 
Posted August 11th, 2015
Backyard farms are becoming increasingly popular. Creating vegetable gardens and flower gardens or planting fruit trees are great outdoor activities to do with your family. There are so many upsides to growing your own food. Here are just a few:
· They are pesticide free, or at least have less than store-bought produce
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A High Schooler’s Dreams of Buying a House – by Erin Hilbrands
Posted July 24th, 2015
Growing up with parents who are both Realtors®, I’ve heard all about the different and interesting types of houses. It’s really helped me formulate ideas for the kind of home I would want in the future. I’ve heard it’s not ideal to live by the beach insurance and maintenance-wise. I know the cost of maintenance Read More
Bringing a Split-level Home into the Future – Bathroom First
Posted June 10th, 2015

1966 called and wants its bathroom back from us. 

Bye-bye mustard-colored tiles. I really did like you but you pale in comparison to sleek modern grey ceramics with penny round carrera tile accents. Good riddance to the bathtub that doesn’t drain. Welcome, shower-for-two. Adios ugly, commonplace, water-hog-of-a-toilet. Hola hip dual flush wall-mount
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Water Conservation Moves to the Triangle
Posted June 3rd, 2015
Far from North Carolina, California is in dire straights due to a massive decrease in precipitation over the last four years. Governor Jerry Brown has ordered a 25% cut in water consumption.  Some cities are tearing out lush grassy landscapes and replacing them with drought tolerant xeriscapes. Santa Cruz has instituted conservation school for denizens Read More
Maintenance is the Foundation of Happy Home Ownership
Posted May 26th, 2015
Houses need constant attention, there is no doubt about it. When and how should homeowners go about planning for routine maintenance plus possibly performing desired renovations and updating. First comes the maintenance and then you can enjoy updating knowing you have a solid foundation. 
Routine annual maintenance checks and/or projects should include the following:
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