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Bringing a Split-level Home into the Future – Bathroom First

June 10th, 2015

1966 called and wants its bathroom back from us. 
Bye-bye mustard-colored tiles. I really did like you but you pale in comparison to sleek modern grey ceramics with penny round carrera tile accents. Good riddance to the bathtub that doesn’t drain. Welcome, shower-for-two. Adios ugly, commonplace, water-hog-of-a-toilet. Hola hip dual flush wall-mount toilet (with all the mechanics hidden in the wall). Au revoir cracked and leaking sink. Bonjour chic euro vanity and inset medicine cabinet. So long, damaged drywall and peeling paint. And, hello…to me…in the many mirrored surfaces (to make a small room look bigger and lighter.) YIKES. What have we done!
The dumpster just arrived in our driveway today. Tomorrow the demolition starts and we begin sharing a bathroom with the kids. How long, you may wonder, do we have to trudge up and down the stairs to borrow the kids’ bath? We have no idea and are hesitant to ask. How much is this going to cost? We have the estimate and we are doubling it. How much are we going to enjoy the new bathroom? It’ll be worth every penny-round of fab decorator