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Can You Spare a Room?

June 26th, 2014

So maybe you’ve got a big enough house to accommodate your relatives during the holidays. But what do you do with the delightfully decorated and inviting space the rest of the year? Do you enjoy meeting new people, trading travel stories and making some extra money? Why not try renting your room(s) out short term?

The MPT rents a room upstairs in our house via AirBnB when the kids aren’t with us. Our guests are quite interesting business or world travelers and stay for two or three nights. Since we are busy REALTORS(r) and also involved in our community we aren’t home much to socialize but we try to have a wine and cheese meet and greet with our guests when they arrive. And we now have quite the collection of interesting international foods….like Vegemite! Along with a not-too-shabby travel fund for ourselves. Try it! You might like it.