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Cary’s 2014 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition (OSE) – July 18th Opening!

June 25th, 2014

Look for twelve new sculptures to be installed in Downtown Cary on Friday July 18! You’re probably already missing the 2013 show’s amazing sculptures as they are being removed this week. Some have been purchased and some are going to be part of Cary Visual Art’s Sculpture on Loan program. You too can join in the fun either on the 18th for installations starting at 8:00 am or for the BIG BASH at Cary Arts Center at 6:00 pm. There are also various sculpture tours throughout the yearor you can ask the Mission Possible Team to give you a personal tour with a stop at one of Downtown Cary’s many eateries for a snack.

Raleigh also boasts quite a few sculptures around town. Durham just installed twelve sculptures from artists from eight states.

Other cities across the state are quickly jumping on the visual art bandwagon as they realize that art attracts people looking for hip places to live and play!