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Downsizing With Ease

June 30th, 2014

It’s tough to know where to begin when faced with the dilemma (or delight!) of downsizing. Empty nest? Job changes? Aging parents? Whether it’s ten years or a lifetime of accumulation, you’ll probably want to enlist some help!

There are many resale, auction and donation organizations to work with in the Triangle area. Jill Marie of Groundwork LLC can get you started and guide you through the WHOLE process, too.

Do you have fabulous art and antiques that you’d like top dollar for? Try Leland Little Auctions in Hillsborough or Father and Son Antiques in Raleigh. They can come to you and they know their stuff!

What about knickknacks and doodads? Give Everything but Grannies Panties a ring. They can give you a quote to take EVERYTHING! Well, almost everything. Maybe Goodwill or The Vietnam Veterans of America want the panties.

When you’ve enlisted good help, and early, you’ll have time to concentrate on finding a new front porch to relax on.