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Fireplace 411 – Warmth for Next Winter

April 21st, 2015

Did you dream of increased interior warmth and coziness during the winter cold snaps? Snap to it and get your fireplace in gear NOW for next year.

Some people love hauling split firewood into the house to make a “real ” fire. The MPT is lucky that we have a neighborhood teen who delivers firewood weekly to our back door. It’s certainly wonderful to have a roaring wood fire but a lot of work. And sometimes we get smoke instead of flame! Others might be thinking of turning a wood-burning fireplace to gas. You have options.

First, it’s highly recommended that you schedule a chimney sweep to inspect your fireplace and let you know if it’s advisable to switch to gas. It can cost several hundred dollars to connect the gas line to the fireplace or you could use use propane gas canisters that connect from outside of the house.

Direct vent fireplaces use either propane or natural gas, are sealed off from the interior of the home and vent outside. They can add a decent amount of heat and sure look cozy.

Gas fireplace insets are easily activated with the flip of a switch and vent hot air into a room. You can also go the electric route which affords you almost unlimited choices from traditional to sleek modern.

While you are working on this over the summer be sure to have a cool pool nearby.