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First Frost Means Winter Garden Work

November 3rd, 2014

The first freeze happened this week in the Triangle area. It never fails to take me by surprise. Yes, I can check the 10-day forecast on my iPhone but for some reason I ignored the cold temps and hung my happiness onto the last remaining 70-degree days that I saw….

So, the night before the freeze, late, we were out in the garden with flashlights, trying to find all remaining veggies to cook up this week or store in the freezer. Hot peppers freeze nicely (whole) and can be used all winter to warm meals up. Thankfully we had spread two huge bags of Holly-tone on our azaleas and camellias the previous week in warmer weather (when I am better able to put up with gardening). What I just learned from a Raleigh gardener and her blog is that we are not done with the garden work just because it’s getting cold….

Helen Yoest has a fantastic blog “Gardening with Confidence” that outlines all of the steps we in the Southeast should take in November to prepare our yards for both winter and spring. The suggestions seem endless so I’ll have to sign off and get started on my yard now. I think I’ll start by fixing the bird bath (and adding another from Hayneedle?) and filling the feeders and then finding the binoculars!