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Good Trees Make For Good Neighbors

July 2nd, 2014

The MPT was unwinding on the front porch in Cary after a particularly busy day lately. So we found ourselves staring at the many trees in our yard, mesmerized as they gently blew in the wind. Yes, we heard the beagle next door barking incessantly but it was thankfully muffled by the rustling of the leaves. Yes, we heard the walking woman talking loudly on her cell phone but we really couldn’t see her for the trees (and she didn’t have to see our angst so we are still good neighbors). For these small things we are grateful.

Trees make good neighbors in more fun ways too. When the blueberry trees are full of ripe berries, neighbors are invited to help pick and eat (and have a beer). When trees fall down, all the chainsaws come out for a fun firewood fest. Beer included. Hopefully none of that wood will be used for fences. We have no need of those.

For some fast growing and privacy providing trees check out this site. For some great local advice and a place to buy blueberry bushes go to Cary’s Garden Supply Company.