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Hey Homes! Get Smart!

September 8th, 2014

Homes are getting smarter! Hopefully we are too…about security. About 1% of Americans have outfitted their homes with smart technology throughout, and more of us will likely do so when we are comfortable with the security of the technologies.

Time magazine just had a good article with five easy steps to security. You can hacker-proof your home by researching a product that you want to purchase. Search online for the produce name plus the words “vulnerability” or “security”. Secondly, update your software. Tech companies frequently update software to protect against hacks and yours is only as good as your latest updates. And another step that we hear all the time: strengthen your passwords! Of course, you can always hire a professional.

Once you’ve got the basics safe and secure perhaps you can expand into more exciting products. Nest, a smart technology company started four years ago by Tony Fadell, first designed a smart thermostat that could learn home owners’ habits and save owners money by efficiently heating and cooling. Fadell believes that truly smart products should have built-in intelligence.

Smart Things is another smart home company to keep your eye on. The possibilities for smart applications in your home are endless with the fairly inexpensive kit. One homeowner programmed his speakers to play a chorus as he approaches his beautifully displayed Scotch collection.

Where can you find examples of smart homes in the Triangle? Try the upcoming North Carolina AIA Home Tour and the annual Home Builders Association Wake County tour in October 2014. You’re sure to see some fabulous homes with some fancy smart technologies to incorporate into your future home.