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Home Selling for the Holidays

November 29th, 2014

Perhaps it used to be more of a challenge to sell your home during the holidays but times have changed. In the past couple of years, November and December have been our busiest months as brokers. Life, job relocations and school transitions happen any time of year. If you want to sell now and it won’t affect YOUR holidays, there is no reason not to put your home on the market.

First of all, buyers tend to be on the more serious side in the winter months as it takes dedication to brave the colder temperatures, holiday traffic and missing some holiday gatherings. We agents are up for the challenge though!

Competition is lighter during the holidays. There aren’t as many homes on the market so you have a jump start on the sellers who are waiting for Spring.

Do you love to decorate? Go ahead! The chances of turning off a potential buyer with your decor is slim. And, seasonal decorations mean that you probably have a good amount of storage somewhere, and hopefully it’s not under the bed.

Need a break? Take it. Let the showing service or your agent know that you need a day off from showings so that you can sit by the fire…or decorate some more. Or have a party so that friends can see your house and spread the word that a lovely house is for sale!

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