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Mailbox Dreaming

July 30th, 2014

If you happen to live in a neighborhood that allows you to choose your own mailboxes, behold the choices! What about a modern mailbox from Box Design USA? Or a custom traditional mailbox?

The MPT is looking forward to a Mod Box when production starts.

On the other hand, stop the mailbox day dreaming if you are moving into a brand new subdivision. Raleigh and Cary are putting an end to individual mailboxes in new subdivisions of single family detached homes per orders from the Postal Service. New subdivisions will have kiosks at subdivision entrances.

The kiosks, often surrounded by landscaping and perhaps a bench or two, should be a boon for neighborly networking which is by far more important than being able to wrap your mailbox in flowers, right? You can always fly a flower flag.