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Neighborhood Tool Shed Cooperative

November 10th, 2014

Several people in our neighborhood want to start a tool cooperative. A couple of the motives mentioned are to encourage the start of a more tightly knit community and to not have to have so much STUFF at our own houses! Maybe we could actually get our cars into the garages if we are successful!

We are having a meeting of “founders” this week to discuss a plan. After googling “community tool sheds” I got more information than I really wanted. But isn’t everything in life just a little bit more complicated than we think it should be?

I think we’ll start with some of the information found at and see if we can keep it simple.

We already have a place for the future shed – my backyard. There’s a spot next to the chicken coop, just a few steps off the street. And if you need to borrow an egg, go right ahead. Just make something tasty to share!