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Out with the Old

December 8th, 2014

Are you racking up the holiday gifts yet? You will soon! If you don’t want to buy a bigger house eventually or rent a storage unit, something has got to give.

How about clothing? What have you not worn in a year? (Personally, I give it two years just in case… But one year is the recommendation from organizers). You can sell clothes on eBay or donate them at your local charity. If you are in the Triangle try Dorcas Ministries. or the Salvation Army . Make sure you get a receipt from the charity for the tax deduction. You can sneak some old toys or extra household goods into the donation bag too….

What about foodstuffs that you haven’t used? If they have not expired, help out your local food pantry by donating. Sometimes you’ll find food drives at your local schools and grocery stores. The U.S. Postal Service collects food at least once a year as well. (If you have time and are super ambitious why not start a neighborhood food/clothing drive?)

Need help? Contact a professional such as Groundwork in Raleigh or On Task Organizing.

Once the hard work is done your rewards will be plenty. Your house will be neater and more organized. You will likely feel lighter and happier to better celebrate the season. The lucky recipients of your donations will be celebrating too. And if you have the chance, with family and friends, find ways to ask for and to give items that can be consumed such as good wines or fanciful delicacies. Then it won’t be so much work to clean out the closets next year. But you will probably want to make room for a good exercise routine.