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Put Your Hands Up and Move Away From The Car!!

July 9th, 2014

Okay, you have probably heard Dani and I talk a lot about the Walkable Urban Space. We believe that the future of urban development lies with walkable spaces where citizens live very close to jobs, dining, entertainment, shopping, schools, etc. Sounds like a good idea but how exactly do you do it. Well, one way is to improve the streetscape of a specific area. In Raleigh, The Oberlin Streetscape Project is a good example of this type of project. But wait, what if you do not live in an urban setting? Maybe you live in a neighborhood like Preston or Lochmere or Wakefield or Northridge. There are still many things that can be done to improve the lifestyle of the area, including walkability, transit, bike and other modes of transportation. The first step might be to find out what your walk score for your home and what it is based on. The next step would then be to find out what projects your city or town is planning to improve the walkability. If there are none you might want to start ringing that bell for your town. Cary and Raleigh both have projects in progress to improve the walkability of various areas. Why is this so important. Well, I think if you speak with any urban planner across the country you will find that walkable urban space is what the current and future generations of young workers are looking for. They do not want to drive a car. They want to walk, or ride their bike. Their reasons are varied and many but the bottom line. They are going to live where they can do that. Older generations, like myself, benefit as well from walkable spaces.  Besides from the obvious positive health affects of walking instead of driving,  we get a chance to meet and greet folks and we like that. We want our Cary to be a place that is thriving and energetic.