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Sustainability Tour – Pittsboro NC

August 18th, 2014

The News and Observer has had a fabulous series called “100 Counties , 100 Things You’ve Gotta Try”.

Number 86 caught my attention this week. It’s about The Abundance Foundation in nearby Pittsboro, NC. The Foundation gives one-hour sustainability tours and hosts DIY workshops (sponsored by Larry’s Beans no less!. What the MPT is hot on the trail of is their 7th annual Amazing Pepper Festival coming up on October 5th! We love hot peppers!

We also are fond of the small house movement and are looking forward to the results of The Abundance Foundation’s small house contest. Can we put two houses together though for at least 1000 sq.ft.?!

I’m sure we all employ varying degrees of sustainability in our lives. What’s your favorite sustainability practice?