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Cary – State of the Town February 2015
Posted February 10th, 2015
Cary Chamber of Commerce – Mayor Harold Weinbrecht Jr. – State of the Town
Mayor Weinbrecht is in his 7th year as mayor of Cary. He spoke earlier this month at the Cary Chamber of Commerce and here are some tidbits from his presentation:
Fast Facts:
*The current population is 151,772
*Cary’s tax rate is
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Wake County Board of Education – Member Update
Posted September 16th, 2014
The MPT had the privilege to join the Cary Chamber of Commerce Education Committee Lunch and Learn with Wake County Board of Education Member Bill Fletcher as speaker. Mr. Fletcher answered many of the questions we hear from home buyers and relocating families in the area.
Some high points:
* The District has hired an
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Wow- West Cary August Sales Statistics
Posted August 27th, 2014
West Cary is a hot market! August of 2013 shows sales of detached homes numbering 91 with an average sales price of $352,000 and average days on the market of 36. August 2014 shows sales of detached homes numbering 64 with an average sales price of $374,000 and average days on the market of just Read More
Sustainability Tour – Pittsboro NC
Posted August 18th, 2014
The News and Observer has had a fabulous series called “100 Counties , 100 Things You’ve Gotta Try”.
Number 86 caught my attention this week. It’s about The Abundance Foundation in nearby Pittsboro, NC. The Foundation gives one-hour sustainability tours and hosts DIY workshops (sponsored by Larry’s Beans no less!. What the MPT
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Happy Tails (and Trails)
Posted August 11th, 2014
More than half of home buyers seem to have at least one dog or plan to get one as soon as they have a fenced yard at their new house. But wait! Hold your Great Danes! One doesn’t necessarily need a fenced yard with all of the dog parks and dog friendly hiking trails found Read More
The MPT Moves Downtown!
Posted July 15th, 2014
Big News! The Mission Possible Team has just signed our first lease for office space. We have taken a space in the Cary Innovation Center at the corner of Chatham and Harrison. We are very excited to be a part of the new vision of Downtown Cary. We hope with this central location in the Read More
Put Your Hands Up and Move Away From The Car!!
Posted July 9th, 2014
Okay, you have probably heard Dani and I talk a lot about the Walkable Urban Space. We believe that the future of urban development lies with walkable spaces where citizens live very close to jobs, dining, entertainment, shopping, schools, etc. Sounds like a good idea but how exactly do you do it. Well, one way Read More
To Rent or to Buy in the Cary/Raleigh/DurhamReal Estate Market?
Posted June 25th, 2014
For some, buying could be an easy decision, especially with prices as low as they are probably going to be. For others, there could be more than a few factors to take Into consideration. A well thought out chart may help.
For instance, if you considered purchasing a $238k home in Durham, Raleigh or
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Showtime In Cary
Posted June 24th, 2014
Looks like another good weekend at KOKA BOOTH in Cary!
We would love for someone to be our guest for the Little Big Town concert Friday night. Just go to our Facebook Page and like us and you will be entered to win two VIP Tickets with a VIP parking pass and free dinner at
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