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The McMansion Didn’t Die

March 2nd, 2015

So much for the small home movement – it’s still going but didn’t seem to catch on well in the suburbs, especially as the recession waned. McMansions are now back in vogue. There is nothing wrong with a big house. They are great for family gatherings, cocktail parties, slumber parties, escaping from family members (we never do that, do we?!), displaying all of your favorite art, with big closets to keep your wardrobe color-coded and beautifully organized and many more benefits. The MPT has had big homes and small homes. Just speaking for ourselves, we find smaller homes easier to decorate, clean, maintain and pay for! So what do we do during the holidays? For parties? With our clothes and shoes? We cram people in and hope for good weather to make use of outdoor living space. Nobody has ever complained and they keep coming back! Family members stay at nearby hotels when they visit. We limit our wardrobes to a few really great pieces and our shoes to just a few really fabulous pairs. (And we borrow closet space from the kids- don’t tell them!)

We are happy to show you bigger homes, of course! And there are a lot of beautiful resales and new construction homes popping on the market. We will enjoy living vicariously through you and we may send our family members your way for overnight stays. Don’t worry – they come from California bearing gifts of good wine.