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Wake County Board of Education – Member Update

September 16th, 2014

The MPT had the privilege to join the Cary Chamber of Commerce Education Committee Lunch and Learn with Wake County Board of Education Member Bill Fletcher as speaker. Mr. Fletcher answered many of the questions we hear from home buyers and relocating families in the area.

Some high points:

* The District has hired an Equity Officer, Rodney Trice, whose primary goal is to knock down barriers to academic success among our low income and minority children.
* Transportation has seen significant changes to improve reliability of service and to reduce costs. More than 75,000 children ride the bus to and from schools daily. Additional challenges remain including setting standards for servicing children with two homes and transferring children to and from daycare situations.
* A new strategic plan for the District is being developed based on community input about what our high school seniors should know and be able to do in 2020. Share YOUR thoughts here.
* Staff has unveiled a draft enrollment plan for 2015-2016 to populate several new schools and to provide better calendar alignment between elementary and middle schools. Comment HERE.
* Northwest Cary growth sees requests for school construction to keep pace with residential construction.
* Calendar conversions to multi-track or year-round calendars are one way to increase capacity.

Do you have questions about student enrollment? Call the Office of Student Assignment at 919-431-7404 or visit the website. Foreign languages visit HERE

To enroll in a Wake County school one must first be domiciled in Wake County and The MPT can help you with that whether it be an apartment, detached rental, detached home or townhome/condo you are looking for! Drop us a line, anytime.