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Water Water Everywhere (Well, Snow) and Rates are Going Up

February 25th, 2015

Raleigh is raising water rates according to an article in the N & O last week. The average Raleigh consumer uses 37% less water now than in 2007 and pays double the price per gallon. And rates are headed up again in July with more hikes possible through 2019. The past rate hikes are due to the 2007-2009 drought. Raleigh asked consumers to use less water and we did! And then we got more water-efficient appliances! But the water plants still had the same fixed costs and experienced a shortfall of funds. Now, Raleigh is needing to pay for updates and repairs to systems, some of which date to the 1880’s. The average customer will see an increase in their monthly bill of 7% which means the average customer will be paying $49/month. Rolesville and Garner are served by Raleigh water and will see the same increases. We are also paying a small amount for watershed protection in our bills. Check out the News and Observer article for more details.

If you happen to be an Aqua North Carolina water customer because you are not served by any municipal utility department, you pay about twice as much as those who are served by municipalities. Aqua serves about 400 subdivisions in Wake County. But the price may be right for those who like to live further from the cities.

Durham is also raising rates to maintain and repair aging infrastructure. Projections through 2023 show that user rates will increase between 7 to 9% annually.

Maybe there is a silver lining to all of this snow. It will eventually melt and help us avoid a drought to keep rates from increasing more!