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We’re Just Hangin Out!

July 10th, 2014

Have you been to Downtown Raleigh or Durham lately? How about Carrboro? If you have you probably noticed one common theme, lots of people sitting outside, chatting over coffee, eating lunch, playing music or having a business meeting. What makes these places attractive to people? Why do some downtowns flourish while others seem to languish? The answer lies in the concept of “space making”. The areas, and its not just downtowns, see North Hills, that thrive are the areas where the citizens, in partnership with professional planners, designers and business people have worked together to creat a space where creativity and imagination flourish. I attended a meeting of the Heart of Cary Association yesterday morning and heard a presentation form Kyle Greer, Vice President of Economic Development for the Cary Chamber of Commerce, and Ted Boyd, Downtown Cary Manager, on their recent trip to Nashville and Franklin Tenn. The gist of their presentation was about creating that place where people gather and enjoy the culture that is the fabric of their community. It is more than just good eats, live music, interesting art and cool peeps ( you know like me). Its a place that emotes feelings of belonging and welcome. That is what all of the aforementioned places have in common, in my opinion. Of course, stilt walkers will not hurt either. Yea, you know what I am talking about.20140711-102708-37628665.jpg