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What a Blast!

October 6th, 2014

The MPT co-hosted a neighborhood potluck party this past weekend on a gorgeous Fall day. Thankfully one of our neighbors has a larger driveway and garden area which we graciously used.

Our neighborhood has about 80 homes so we easily walked around passing out fliers several weeks ago. We also posted to our google groups page to which about 25 neighborhood families are subscribed. Of course we got very few RSVPs early in the process – maybe 5 three weeks out. Then about 10 two weeks out. Then about 20 one week out and then 40 more the last several days beforehand. We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout! About 55 people showed up with some amazing food!

The day after, the appreciation is pouring forth. Not because the organizers are superstars, but because we took just a few hours to organize what caused meetings that took, in some cases, 20 years to happen. It amazes me that neighbors, three doors down, or just around the corner, may not have met each other in all the years living in such close proximity. Now that the real estate market is back in full swing, several new families have moved in and got to make connections with others right away. I bet they’ll be swapping babysitter contacts and walking to the park together soon, if not right now as I type this. It’s another sunny Fall day, perfect for hanging out with new friends and neighbors.