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You’ve Got Style

October 20th, 2014

You’ve got style. And your house does too. But which kind? Do you crave cozy Southern Colonials made with red brick? Or more stately Georgian Colonials with their symmetry and large columns? Are you at the opposite end of the spectrum with a taste for the mid-century modern, which, in the US, reflects both the International Style of modern and the Bauhaus movement.

If you live in the Triangle, you’ve seen Colonials and modern houses and also Cape Cods, Craftsmans, Bungalows, Foursquares and Split-levels. You’ll also find countless “transitional” houses which are a melange of at least two other home styles. The transitionals aim to combine the best features of other styles and can appeal to many buyers.

On the other hand, modernist homes may not appeal to a huge group of buyers but the fans are certainly raving fans! The NC State University School of Design is the impetus for the modernist home boom in the Triangle starting in the late forties. Common themes of modernist design include “form follows function”, simplicity and clarity without unnecessary details and the use of industrially produced materials. Learn MUCH more about modernism at North Carolina Modernist Houses website.

The MPT lives in a 1966 split-level home. It’s small, but very functional. We thank the person who designed it! Some split-levels can be challenging flow-wise but they can be updated for better functionality. And it’s a perfect time to update a 40-something year old house if it hasn’t been done already!

Whether you know your style or need to discover your style, the Mission Possible Team is standing by to give you a tour of some fabulous houses!